House rules


Article 1

These Rules regulate the relations, rights and duties of the suppliers of service (hosts) and the users of service (guests).


Article 2


  1. The guest is entitled to use room that he has rented, as well as all the equipment and additional parts of the building that are placed at the disposal of the guests in terms of the rental contract and existing rules and regulations.
  2. To use the accommodation untill 10 a.m. of the last day of staying
  3. Possible disagreements and complaints arising from the above right should first be raised with the host in the spirit of good will. If this should fail to lead to an agreement, the guest may direct his complaints to the competent municipal authority or to the tourist organization or agency whose name appears in the price

Article 3


  1. It is forbidden to bring into the room highly flammable or explosive materials or objects with strong and offensive odours.
  2. Animals may not be brought into the room without the consent of the owner.
  3. The use of cooking appliances and electric irons is not allowed.
  4. Hours of peace and quiet should be odserved from 14 to 16 and from 23 to 07 hours. Exessive noise from tranzistor radios, television sets or other musical instruments should be avoided.

Article 4


  1. The guests have the duty to observe the provisions of these Rules and to use the rooms, furniture and installations in the manner that will cause no damage to thr property.
  2. Each guests should check out with the host before leaving and pay for the services used of show proof of the payment made to the agency.
  3. Payments should also be made for all extras not included in the basic room rate (e. g. the use of the kitchen, ironing, garage, etc. ).


Article 5


  1. The host may deny accomodation to a guest who behaves in a manner that violates these rules and disturbs peace.
  2. The hosts may seek compensation from the guest who loses something that belongs to that host or who deribelately or through gross negligence causes damage to objects, installations or furniture in the house

Article 6


  1. It is the duty of the host to secure peace and order to assist the guest in settling down in their house.
  2. The host shall keep the room fror wich the reservations has been paid in advance emptyfor three days if the guest does not arrive on time.
  3. The host shall keep the room empty for the guest who temporarily his stay and pays for the room for the period of interruption.
  4. It is the duty of the host to clean the guests rooms and other parts of the duilding used by the guests. Bed linen and towels should be changed for each guest, and in case of a longer stay of a guest bed linen should be changed at least once every seven days and towels at least once every three days.
  5. The access to the building, stairways and surrounding spaces should be cleaned daily.
  6. The host should hand to the guest, or send to him, any object lost or left behind by the guest. If this is not possible, the guest shall keep the found object for one year and than proceed to act in a accordance with the relevant legislation.
  7. The host shall compensate the guest for any damage that may be caused by the failure on the part of the host, or any person for whom the host is responsible, to observe the provisions of these Rules.



Article 7

The text of these Rules should be posted visibly in the host’s house or flat.